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Embark on a 7-day journey through Namibia, starting from the bustling streets of Windhoek and venturing into the wildlife-rich expanses of Etosha National Park. Here, experience the thrill of game drives and the serenity of the African bush. As you leave Etosha, the scenery transforms, guiding you to the coastal charm of Swakopmund. This quaint town, where desert meets ocean, offers a blend of cultural heritage and adventurous activities, set against the backdrop of the Atlantic.

The adventure continues as you delve into the heart of the Namib Desert, towards the iconic Sossusvlei. Witness the stark beauty of towering dunes and the surreal Deadvlei, a testament to nature’s artistry. Your journey culminates as you return to Windhoek, carrying with you a mosaic of experiences: from wildlife encounters and desert landscapes to cultural interactions and coastal wonders. This 7-day odyssey is not just a tour but a vivid exploration of Namibia’s diverse beauty and natural splendor.


7 Days
Mid-Range Accommodation


  • Etosha Park
  • Swakopmund
  • Sossusvlei


Windhoek – Windhoek


Advice to customise the itinerary
Meet & Greet on arrival
24 hour emergency back up
Welcome Pack

Day by Day Itinerary

- Day 1 - Etosha National Park

Start your adventure in Windhoek, where you’ll collect your rental car and travel documents. Begin your journey to Etosha National Park, a wildlife haven offering some of the best game viewing experiences. Spend the evening at a lodge near the park, preparing for an early wildlife exploration the next day.

Accommodation: Okaukuejo Resort
Meals: Dinner, B&B
+ Day 2 - Etosha Park

Dedicate your day to exploring Etosha National Park. Wake up early for a sunrise game drive, taking advantage of the cooler temperatures to see animals at their most active. Spend another night at the lodge, enjoying the serene environment.

Accommodation: Okaukuejo Resort
Meals: Dinner, B&B
+ Day 3 - Swakopmund

After breakfast, depart for Swakopmund. It’s a long drive today but this journey showcases the stark contrast between the Namibian interior and the Atlantic coast. Arrive in Swakopmund and explore its unique blend of Namibian and German colonial influences.

Accommodation: Swakopmund Guesthouse
Meals: B&B
+ Day 4 - Swakopmund

Spend a day in Swakopmund, engaging in various activities and exploring the town. Visit attractions like the Walvis Bay Lagoon, known for its rich birdlife. Enjoy the coastal vibe and local cuisine.

Accommodation: Swakopmund Guesthouse
Meals: B&B
+ Day 5 - Sossusvlei

Depart Swakopmund and head towards the Namib Desert, specifically Sossusvlei. The journey takes you through diverse landscapes, arriving at your accommodation near the iconic dune fields.

Accommodation: Desert Quiver Camp
Meals: Dinner, B&B
+ Day 6 - Sossusvlei

Explore the famous Sossusvlei area, including the towering dunes and Deadvlei. Experience the surreal landscape and unique flora and fauna of this region. Return to your camp for another night in the desert.

Accommodation: Desert Quiver Camp
Meals: Dinner, B&B
+ Day 7 - Windhoek

Conclude your adventure with a journey back to Windhoek. Reflect on the diverse experiences of wildlife, desert landscapes, and cultural insights gained over the past week as you prepare for your onward journey or return home

Meals: No meals
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