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Embark on a seven-day journey through Northern Namibia, an enchanting adventure that harmoniously intertwines luxury with untamed landscapes. Begin your odyssey in Windhoek, where after a smooth transition through rental formalities, you’ll journey towards the Waterberg Wilderness Lodge, marking your entry into a world of natural splendor. As you progress, the ethereal beauty of Etosha National Park unfolds, offering unparalleled wildlife viewing by day and serene contemplation of nature’s nocturnal ballet by night. Your path then leads you to the historical richness of Twyfelfontein, a World Heritage Site, where ancient rock engravings narrate stories of times gone by.

The latter part of your expedition takes you to the coastal charm of Swakopmund, a haven where desert and ocean converge. Here, the diverse facets of Namibia reveal themselves through a blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion, from the misty shores of the Atlantic to the vibrant streets lined with shops and eateries. Your return to Windhoek includes a reflective pause at the Kavango Woodcarvers Market in Okahandja, offering a chance to acquire tangible memories of your journey. This seven-day escapade through Northern Namibia is more than a safari; it’s an exploration of diverse landscapes, a celebration of wildlife, and an intimate encounter with the country’s cultural and natural heritage.


7 Days
From: N$18140 per person
Mid-Range Accommodation


  • Damarland
  • Etosha Park
  • Swakopmund


Windhoek – Windhoek


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Day by Day Itinerary

- Day 1 - Waterberg

Embark on an extraordinary 7-day odyssey that transcends the ordinary and immerses you in the kaleidoscope of Namibia’s wonders. This safari is more than a journey; it’s a rhythmic dance between luxury and untamed landscapes, a symphony of wildlife calls echoing through ancient terrains, and a love affair with the diverse hues of Namibia’s soul-stirring scenery.

On arrival, you will be met by the car rental company representative and transferred to their offices in Windhoek to complete the rental procedures. Once done, we’ll arrange for you to meet with our representative to hand over your travel documents and travel package, including your map.

We will start your Namibian adventure with an easy almost 300-kilometre drive, the majority of which is on a good tarred road to Waterberg Wilderness Lodge.

Accommodation: Waterberg Wilderness Lodge
Meals: Dinner, B&B
+ Day 2 - Etosha National Park

The game-rich plains of Etosha offer some of the best game viewing available. By day, visit the waterholes and artesian springs scattered along the edge of a pan so large it is visible from space. By night, sit quietly at the floodlit waterhole and witness the interactions between different game species, mere metres away.

Accommodation: Okaukuejo Resort
Meals: B&B
+ Day 3 - Etosha National Park

It is really worth waking up early and heading out on your game drive as soon as the gates open at sunrise. Animals are most active in the cool of the day (early morning and late afternoon). In order to maximise your chances of good viewings, it is worth imitating their behaviour. The roads in Etosha have unsealed gravel but are in reasonable condition, and the general tourist behaviour is to drive between various

Accommodation: Okaukuejo Resort
Meals: B&B
+ Day 4 - Twyfelfontein

History and art combine to offer an incredible outdoor museum at Twyfelfontein (a World Heritage Site). Continuing on your safari, you venture into the rugged area of Damarland. Explore the mesmerizing rock engravings, revealing tales etched by the hands of our ancestors, and let the surreal landscapes captivate your imagination.

Accommodation: Twyfelfontein Country Lodge
Meals: Dinner, B&B
+ Day 5 - Swakopmund

As we bid farewell to Damaraland, the coastal allure of Swakopmund beckons. Swakopmund Guesthouse, our home for the next two nights, invites you to indulge in seaside magic. Whether you seek adventure or relaxation, the coastal town’s charms await. You’ll pass Namibia‚Äôs highest mountain, the Brandberg, which peaks at 2,573m above sea level. Take time to view the game and absorb the vastness of the scenery along the way.

Skirting around the edge of the Namib Dune Sea (a World Heritage Site) to reach the Atlantic Ocean, you witness the many faces of the Namib; petrified dunes, deep canyons, wind-sculptured outcrops and desert plains that stretch into infinity. The cool mists of the coastal desert offer a respite from the inland heat while the dunes and calm waters of the bay offer a superb variety of sand and water-based activities.

Accommodation: Swakopmund Guesthouse
Meals: B&B
+ Day 6 - Swakopmund

There are plenty of shops and attractions in Swakopmund, as well as curios and good food on every corner. Here, you can also enjoy the beach. There are loads of activities on offer as this is Namibia’s activity centre. Visit the Walvis Bay Lagoon where you can see flamingoes, pelicans and numerous waders.

We can advise you on some excellent excursions to pre-book.

Accommodation: Swakopmund Guesthouse
Meals: B&B
+ Day 7 - Windhoek

Depart from Swakopmund and drive via Usakos and Okahandja to Windhoek. In Okahandja, you can stop at the Kavango Woodcarvers Market, have a look around or buy some last souvenirs. You will arrive in Windhoek at around noon.

Head back to the car rental agency for the vehicle drop-off. One of our drivers will take you to the airport in time for your flight home.

Meals: No meals
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