Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Windhoek, the vibrant heart of Namibia, where my love for adventure and the great outdoors began

Favourite part of being a travel consultant?

The best part about working in tourism is the opportunity to meet and interact with people from all over the world. It’s incredibly rewarding to share the beauty and culture of our destination with others and see their appreciation and enjoyment.

What makes a good travel consultant?

To excel in tourism, one needs to be enthusiastic, patient, and have excellent organizational skills. A deep understanding of different cultures and the ability to handle unforeseen challenges gracefully are also crucial traits.

How did you join Great Explorations?

My journey in the tourism industry began at the Cardboard Box Travel Shop, where I started as a junior accountant and eventually led the accounts department. After stepping away from tourism, I was reintroduced to the field when Lilly, who I had previously worked with, reached out to me while expanding her team at Great Explorations. Seizing this opportunity allowed me to reconnect with my passion for tourism and embark on a new chapter in my professional life.

Coastal dunes
Coastal dunes

Your favourite time of year to travel?

My favourite time of the year to travel would be any time after April as this is the end of our rainy season. You can be assured of beautiful green surroundings, fantastic game viewing and clear starry night skies.

Your favourite destination?

As someone who loves the water, my favorite destinations are along the stunning Namibian coast, where the ocean meets the desert.

Lapa Lange Game Lodge
Lapa Lange Game Lodge

Your favourite lodge?

Lapa Lange tops my list of lodges. Lush grasslands surround it, a beautiful spa that shines in the night, and offer unforgettable cheetah encounters – as an animal enthusiast, a close encounter with a cheetah was a dream come true.

What do you like to do when not working?

In my leisure time, I indulge in cooking, puzzle-building, and traveling. Being a mother to a son, I’ve also grown to love the art of football, sharing in his interests

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