Where did you grow up?

I was born in the northern Zambian mining town of Luanshya many moons ago. Brought up across Southern Africa, moving from mining town to mining town, fortunately, many were in remote bush environments. I grew up exploring the bush on bicycles, barefoot and carefree.

Favourite part of being a travel consultant?

Being able to show others what a wonderful country Namibia is.  Deve oping a simple enquiry into a journey of discovery and visiting some incredible lodges, parks and wilderness areas a bonus.

What makes a good travel consultant?

Passion. You must love what you do, or you cannot inspire others. And you must love this incredible place called Namibia.

How did you join Great Explorations?

Having spent many years in the Namibian tourism industry, I eventually found my place at the Cardboard Box Travel Shop, where I worked alongside Lilly, who now owns Great Explorations. After the sale of the Cardboard Box, I decided to move to Ireland to care for my parents. During this period, Lilly reached out to me with an opportunity to join Great Explorations. The chance to return to a profession I deeply love was an offer I couldn’t refuse, and it marked the beginning of a new chapter in my career

Northern Damaraland landscape
Northern Damaraland

Your favourite time of year to travel?

The seasons in Namibia are not as well defined as in Europe or North America. The contrast between the wet and dry season is incredible. Each has its own charm.  You must visit Namibia at least twice to understand.  One of my favourite months is April. The rains are petering out. The veld is covered in sweet smelling grass that is slowly turning golden. The game is well fed and content. The birds are relaxed, the hectic days of raising chicks are over. The days are mild and warm, the intense summer heat has dissipated.  The nights are clear and laden with billions of stars, distant planets and dreams.

Your favourite destination?

We have so many amazing destinations. Travelling across Namibia every day is different.  Even one day’s journey can offer dramatically different landscapes around each corner.  One destination … northern Damaraland.  The flat-topped mountains, inselbergs and red rock-strewn valleys. Weird and wonderful flora and unique fauna. Primeval landscapes, incredible sunsets, nights so quiet you can hear your own heartbeat, walking ancient game paths never quite knowing what you might meet around the corner.

Etendeka Hiking Trail
Etendeka Hiking Trail

Your favourite lodge?

Etendeka Mountain Camp. In northern Damaraland of course. Remote, rugged and unpretentious. A unique wilderness.

What do you like to do when not working?

Walking, preferably with dogs. Birding, preferably with friends to debate with. Exploring new places, revisiting old favourites. Spending time with friends.

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